All the things I like to admire (and maybe a little random).

About me

I’m 28. My name is Brandon. I have a 6 year old son named Logan. Divorced. I Work for Cellairis in the local mall. I have some amazing friends. I love body modification. My musical tastes are rather, well, all over the place. I have a strange love for people, even those i dislike, they all fascinate me. Someone I met once told me “Everyone’s got a story.” He was dead right, I spend as much time as i can learning people’s stories. I write and take part in various forms of art, my talent seems to depend on my moods and enjoyment at the time. I Play a lot of video games, read a lot of novels, Love comics, manga, anime. I watch some tv shows, random tastes there as well. The rest? I’ll probably update this over time.

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